Welcome to Frontier: Shaping Tomorrow, Today

We work with clients on market strategies, regulatory reviews and competition inquiries. We design innovative policies for governments and evaluate their performance.


Shaping the future of market dynamics

At Frontier, we collaborate with clients to navigate market dynamics and regulatory frameworks.

Our Beginnings

Frontier was founded in 2001 with a vision to revolutionize market strategies.

Expanding Reach

We expanded our services globally, partnering with governments and organizations worldwide.

Driving Innovation

We continuously innovate policies and regulatory systems to adapt to the evolving market.

Achieving Milestones

We have achieved numerous milestones, shaping markets and guiding policies.


We help our clients analyse and understand their circumstances and critical issues. Sometimes this requires an in-depth knowledge of a particular market. Our economists have specific sector knowledge to help clients find the best solutions.

Our expertise includes economic modeling, policy analysis, and regulatory economics. We apply these disciplines to provide clear, evidence-based insights, helping clients navigate complex challenges and make well-informed decisions.
We examine pivotal market and policy trends, offering deep insights and expert analysis. Our focus is on providing clients with timely, relevant information to navigate emerging challenges and opportunities effectively.


Climate Change


Financial Services


Urban Growth & Development

Waste Management


Sustainability and Social Responsibility

The global impact of our actions on the world

At Frontier, we believe in the power of business to drive positive change. We are dedicated to integrating sustainability and social responsibility into every aspect of our operations, ensuring a lasting impact on the world.
Awards and recognitions

Awards that define our legacy

These awards and recognitions stand as milestones, affirming our commitment to innovation, client success, and positive industry impact.


Years of Experience


Awards Received



Innovator's Choice Award
An emblem of our dedication to pushing boundaries and setting industry benchmarks.


Impactful Solutions Trophy
A symbol of dedication to positive outcomes, this award recognizes our role in shaping the future of healthcare.


Trailblazer of the Year Accolade
This award highlights our outstanding achievements and impact in the financial services industry.
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