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Catalyst. Investing, Incubating, and Accelerating Networks That Drive the Evolution of Open Societies in Web3.

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$100mm realised | 500x SIRCLO
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Our thesis driven differentiated funds provide our limited partners exposure to web3 assets that generate alpha.

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Catalyst brings ideas, capital, operational resources, and talent together. We partner with founders to transform the best ideas into groundbreaking protocols.
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Unlocking the Future of Open Societies with Catalyst Investments.

Our venture capital firm goes beyond traditional investment approaches, striving to shape a future where innovation thrives and communities are empowered.

Funding Acceleration

Catalyst Invests provides not only capital, but also a supportive environment designed to push your project forward.

Expert Guidance

Receive personalized guidance and strategic insights to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape successfully.

Strategic Partnerships

Benefit from collaborative opportunities that amplify the impact of your venture and contribute to the broader ecosystem.

Meet The People Behind Catalyst.

We come from different backgrounds, but there is one thing that brings us all together: we live and breathe web3.
Catalyst Founder

Anthony Ryan

Anthony is the founder of Catalyst. The fund was launched to invest, incubate, and accelerate the next generation of projects.
Mechanism Designer

Levi Rybalov

Levi is Head of Research at Catalyst. His primary focus is on mechanism design and multi-agent crypto economic protocols.
Investment Analyst

Archie Whitford

Archie is the fund’s analyst fresh out of a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne.

Catalyst Invests Total Fund Raised.

Our Total Fund Raised section is a testament to the success and collective impact of the ventures within our portfolio. Through strategic investments, we’ve facilitated the growth and innovation of these companies, contributing to the evolution of the web3 platform.
Total Funds Raised:
$250 million
Successfully raised by ventures within Catalyst Invests' portfolio.
Blockchain Disruptors:
$50 million
Driving innovation in decentralized finance and supply chain solutions.
Web3 Infrastructure:
$60 million

In funding to develop scalable blockchain decentralized storage solutions.

NFT Innovators:
$35 million
Reshaping the digital art and gaming landscape..

Behind every brilliant idea and ground-breaking company are people.

Our Partnership Section is a testament to the strategic alliances we’ve forged with industry leaders, tech visionaries, and innovative enterprises.

A Victorian Accelerator for Globally Impactful Ideas.

All of Catalyst’s core accelerator operations will be conducted out of our offices in Victoria. We are in the process of closing a studio office with space to accommodate our team and a cohort of 3 startups to ideate, test & deliver with us full-time.

Catalyst Core Accelerator